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Children of Adam?

Genesis chapter 4 and 5 records some of his children. Abel, Cain, Seth, and other sons AND daughters. (Genesis 5:4) Adam lived long enough to see his son Abel murdered by (MORE)
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Who is Prophet Adam?

Is the father of mankind .. The first man created by God .. God created Adam in his hand and made the angels prostrate to him and taught him the names .. God created him and (MORE)

Who were the grandsons of Adam?

Adam had a number of sons and daughters as recorded in Genesis5:4. The only grandchildren recorded are as follows. Enoch, son of Cain: Genesis 4:17 Enos, son of Seth: Genes (MORE)

What does Adam represent?

Adam represents gods creating the first man, as well as the first sin in the garden of Eden.
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When was Adam named?

The name Adam is simply Hebrew for 'man'. In fact, different analyses can be made of the chapters in which Adam (and 'man') is mentioned, by either replacing 'Adam' by 'man', (MORE)

Who is Adam Sandler?

Adam Sandler is a comedian and actor who began his career first as a stand-up comedian but rose to fame as a regular on Saturday Night Live. His most notable recuring rolls on (MORE)

Who is Adam Winnick?

  He is the son of Gary Winnick - the founder of Global Crossing who walked away with more than $1,000,000,000 just in time - as the company collapsed within months of his (MORE)
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Where is the adamant orb?

Which game do you mean? In Pokemon Platinum, you can find the Adamant Orb as a Itemball in the waterfall room on Mt. Coronet. (You will see the waterfall room as you make yo (MORE)
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Who is Sam Adams?

American patriot Samuel Adams (1722-1803) failed as a brewer and  newspaper publisher before becoming one of the Independence  movement's most celebrated leaders and statesm (MORE)