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Who was Peter Cooper?

Peter Cooper is famous for building the fist steam locomotive. He  was also philanthropist and an industrialist. Mr. Cooper also ran  for President once, but lost.
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What is cooperative?

The official definition of the word cooperative is "involving  mutual assistance in working toward a common goal."

What is a cooper?

A cooper is someone who makes wooden staved barrels. They are held together with steel bands. barrel maker
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What is 'cooperation'?

Co-Operation is the process of working or acting together, willingness to cooperate, to help out or get involved, including others, encouraging, sharing, working together and (MORE)

What is Producer Cooperatives?

 The predominant types of producer co-operatives take the form of  agricultural co-operatives however producer co-operatives can also  divulge into fishing, forestry, arts (MORE)
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What is spirit of cooperation?

A spirit of cooperation is the desire to get along with others and  work together. Someone with a spirit of cooperation is willing to  set aside differences and maintain fri (MORE)

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