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What do you do when a dog chases you?

Answer . Don't run. If there is aggression in the dog, you are signalling that you are scared, and inviting the dog to chase you. The best thing you can do is stand and fac (MORE)

What do you do if chased by a horse?

well if you run, it will run faster, you can either by pass it and dodge or find out the reason it chased you first. Horses are herd animals so will generally not chase you un (MORE)

Is Chase Ellison a Christian?

I guess so because he is actually going to school in a school run by nuns.
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Will a skunk chase you?

  They can. But never for no reason. Maybe if it got REALLY mad. But it's obvious that if you make a skunk mad, it would just spray it's smelly oil at you. Or run the oppo (MORE)

What do you do when a bear chases you?

Some people say to lie down, cover your ears and eyes with your forearms, and 'play possum' until the bear tires of toying with you. What will follow is a certain mauling and (MORE)

How do you chase a guy?

It's often easy to chase a guy if they are your friend. If they are someone out of your league it might be harder. Just try to stay within guy friends. An easy way to ch (MORE)
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What is a steeple chase?

Steeple chase is a footrace of 3,000 meters over hurdles and a water jump. The name derives from impromptu races by fox hunters in the 18th century , Ireland over natural coun (MORE)