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What success did Robert Owen have in promoting reform?

Owen's greatest success was the society model implemented in the New Lanark cotton-manufacturing community in Lanarkshire, Scotland. This company was founded by an entreprenue (MORE)

Why was Robert Owen important?

Robert Owen was important because during his lifetime he improved the health, education, well-being and rights of the working class. In the early 1800s, he improved the life o (MORE)

Robert Owen limitation of management theory?

Entrepreneur and social reformer, Robert Owen was the father of  modern human relations management theory. Owen believed that work  performance was greatly influenced by the (MORE)

Did Robert Owen treat workers well?

Robert Owen's workers were treated well and he tried very hard to earn their respect, and he only hired people over the age of 10 or 10 years of age, most of his workers were (MORE)

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What has the author Robert Dale Parker written?

Robert Dale Parker has written: 'How to interpret literature' -- subject(s): Criticism, History 'Critical theory' -- subject(s): Criticism, Literature, Theory, History and (MORE)