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What caliber of rifle was Robert deniro using in the movie the deer hunter?

  If you carefully stop the frames from this movie on a DVD you can tell in the scene where Mike (Robert DeNiro) ejects cartridges from his rifle that the cartridge is a 3 (MORE)

How many oscars did robert deniro win?

He's won an and academy award for best actor in Raging Bull and for best supporting actor in The Godfather part II, bringing the total up to 2 wins, but he's been nominated a (MORE)

Who is Robert Ford?

  The man who shot the outlaw Jessy James as noted in the Elton John song "I Feel Like a Bullet (in the Gun of Robert Ford).
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How many movies have al pacino and Robert deniro been in together?

Use this web-service to find the answer:   According to it, Al Pacino & Robert De Niro have been together just in thr (MORE)

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Who did Robert deniro marry?

  Most Recently, Grace Hightower. Was married to Tooki Smith and Diahanne Abbott previously(sp).
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What movie has Robert deniro and Dustin Hoffman appeared in together?

Before they became in-laws in the two "Meet the Parents" sequels, De Niro and Hoffman shared courtroom scenes in "Sleepers" (1996). They also had roles in the 1997 flick, Wag (MORE)

What did Robert Kennedy do?

RFK was the attorney general for the United States from 1961 to 1964. He then was elected US Senator from New York and was a promising candidate for the Democratic Presidentia (MORE)

What kind of collar did Robert Deniro wear in analyze this?

You. You're good you. You're good. Nah, you're better than good. You're great! The name is the Tremont Collar. Don't forget the name.
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