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How many oscars did robert deniro win?

He's won an and academy award for best actor in Raging Bull and for best supporting actor in The Godfather part II, bringing the total up to 2 wins, but he's been nominated a (MORE)

How many black children does Robert deniro have?

Robert Deniro has 4 children, all of them have Black or African American mothers. He has one son with his current wife Grace Hightower. Twins with former girlfriend Tookie Smi (MORE)

Who did Robert deniro marry?

  Most Recently, Grace Hightower. Was married to Tooki Smith and Diahanne Abbott previously(sp).
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Is Gene Hackman or Robert deniro been in the most movies?

It's VERY close. Hackman has 100 acting credits in his IMDB filmography, but ABOUT 17 of them are for TV series or shorts. De Niro has 86 such listings, with only one being a (MORE)

What movie has Robert deniro and Dustin Hoffman appeared in together?

Before they became in-laws in the two "Meet the Parents" sequels, De Niro and Hoffman shared courtroom scenes in "Sleepers" (1996). They also had roles in the 1997 flick, Wag (MORE)

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