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Why did Robert falcon Scott explore?

During his Discovery expedition, Robert Falcon Scott wanted to explore Antarctica because he wanted to see the great ice land and see if there were any other wonders that othe (MORE)

What did Robert Falcon Scott explore?

Robert Falcon Scott explored Antarctica in two separate expeditions. He was successful in reaching Antarctica but during his second expedition, he met with severe difficulties (MORE)

Why did Robert falcon Scott die?

Scott and his team died on the return trip from the South Pole in  Antarctica, where they had been attempting to be the first to reach  the pole. (Norwegian team led by Amun (MORE)

Where was Robert Falcon Scott trying to get to?

Roald Amundsen and Robert Falcon Scott both explored Antarctica at the same time in 1911. Amundsen was aware of Scott's objective, but Scott was not aware that Amundsen was ri (MORE)

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