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When did mugabe first became president?

When Robert Mugabe came to power in 1980 the talk was of peace and co-operation after decades of white colonial rule and a bitter civil war, but despite this talk, his reign b (MORE)

Where is the quote this is typical of you Hilary always defending mugabe from it was on a comedy show and i cant think who said it or what show its on please help?

Love this quote! But it was in fact Jack Whithall on 8 Out Of 10 Cats S07E12. Probs the best episode with David Mitchell, Claudia Winkleman and Ken Livingston. Sorry to corre (MORE)

Where is Robert Pattinson from?

He's from London, England.     To be precise, he's from Barnes District, which is on the west side  of London. He once had an apartment in Soho, as well, which is a (MORE)

How did Robert Mugabe bankrupt the Zimbabwe economy?

    Mugabe enacted a policy of forcible dispossession of White farmers by means of a rag-tag terrorist-like group called the "War Veterans", who used violence to liter (MORE)

Why does mugabe hate raila odinga the kenyan prime minister?

  they were very good friends. the trouble started when Kenya recently received British support. Kenya have to please Gordon Brown if it wants further supports. Mr Raila w (MORE)

Who is Robert Ford?

  The man who shot the outlaw Jessy James as noted in the Elton John song "I Feel Like a Bullet (in the Gun of Robert Ford).
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Has Robert mugabe killed any of his own people?

yes mugabe killed his own official Elliot Manyika and qouted ,"He was warned not to go. He was told he would die if he went to Gwanda but he refused and maintained that he had (MORE)

Is Robert mugabe a Rhodes scholar?

Robert Mugabe earned several college degrees, but is not a Rhodes  Scholar. Some notable Rhodes Scholars are Bill Clinton, Edwin  Hubble, John Marshall Harlan II, and J. Wil (MORE)