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Where in Malta did Robert Palmer live?

Robert Palmer and his family lived in Gozo, Malta. His father was stationed there while enlisted in the British Admiralty. The family returned to Yorkshire, England, in 1964 w (MORE)

How many children did the singer Robert Palmer have?

Robert Palmer had a total of five children. He was married in 1972 to Shelly Palmer, who was a former model. She was quite often featured in his interviews taking place in the (MORE)

Why did Robert Palmer and Sue Palmer divorce?

Sue Palmer requested the divorce from Robert Palmer. The divorce became final in 1999. Sue Palmer married Robert Palmer at age nineteen and told Palmer at the time that she re (MORE)

Where did the singer Robert Palmer meet his second wife Susan and how long were they married?

Robert Palmer met Susan Eileen Thatcher backstage at one of his shows in Pittsburgh in late 1978. Thatcher was a veteran groupie and had been backstage to many shows. She marr (MORE)

Is the official website of Robert Palmer the singer approved of by the Palmer family and why does the site attribute co-writing credits on Palmer songs to Mary Ambrose when she did not co-write them?

No, no member of the Palmer family sanctions the website. Mark Palmer, Robert Palmer's younger brother kindly posted a blog to the site, but he does not endorse it in any way. (MORE)

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Was the late Robert Palmer the singer business partners and friends with the current Lord Harlech of the Ormsby Gore dynasty?

Yes, that is true. The late Robert Palmer was close to the current Lord Harlech, who is the head of the Ormsby-Gore family, as well as with Lord Harlech's late brother, Julian (MORE)