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What does Sean achilleos do?

Born in Port Elizabeth (PE) South Africa, Sean Achilleos is a singer, songwriter. Sean's career began in 1989 when his voice coach Mandy Gurr invited Sean to sing at the annua (MORE)

Who What Why Where When and How Sean connery?

  Connery was born in Fountainbridge, Edinburgh, the son of Euphamia C. "Effie" (née Maclean), a cleaning woman, and Joseph Connery, a factory worker and truck driver. Hi (MORE)

Who is Leonard Nimoy?

Leonard Nimoy is a famous actor. He has done various acting jobs but his best known is Spock from Star Trek: The Original Series (ST-TOS). He has also narrated In Search Of..a (MORE)

Who is Sean Connery?

Sean Connery is a famous actor who is best remembered as the first one to play James Bond. He also is known for playing the father of Dr. Indiana Jones (played by Harrison For (MORE)

Who is St. Leonard?

St. Leonard was a French nobleman. He founded Noblac Monestery on  the land that was granted to him. It grew into the town of Saint  Leonard.
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Who is Sean Cantrell?

Sean Cantrell is a mini amateur motocross champion. Sean and his family travel across the United States competing in National Motocross Events. Sean has won over 25 National M (MORE)

Who is Sean white?

  Sean White is an award winning photographer, cinematographer and film director whose assignments and personal projects take him to all corners of the globe.
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