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Can you shoot starlings in Idaho?

Yes-Starlings are one of the few birds not Federally protected & actually do attack people sometimes. PR-wise, you may want to address the problem with bird-proofing or someth (MORE)
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What is the collective noun for starlings?

The collective noun is a murmuration of starlings. The collective noun 'murmuration' suits the starlings very well, for a starling is a 'dark-coloured, noisy bird' which alw (MORE)

How long do starlings live?

The average lifespan of wild starlings is two to three years.  However, the longest living starling recorded was twenty two years  old.
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How many eggs do starlings lay?

Starling usually lay 4-6 eggs that are 1 1/8 x 3/16 inches. They can be white, pale blue or green. I've raised abandoned ones before, they are a bit noisey. Unless they are ou (MORE)

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Is a starling a carnivore?

Starlings are omnivours and will eat anything from nuts and bread, to dead animals (Snake, mice,etc.)
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