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Does wyatt really die in Beyblade?

Wyatt did died in the japanese version but in the english dub  Wyatt's death is not mentioned instead it's said that he went  crazy.So he suckes dickes.
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Was Wyatt Earp Jewish?

    According to an article by Larry Tritton on the website (Looking For a Legend), Wyatt Earp was NOT Jewish. He is buried in a Jewish cemetery bec (MORE)

How many wyatt earp movies?

The internet Movie Database lists a mere 49 projects featuring Wyatt Earp as a character -- you would have thought there'd be far more. Of those 49, the majority are TV show (MORE)

What was the address were wyatt earp died?

4004 W. 17th Street Lost Angeles Calif. Wyatt Earp died at the house on 17th Street on January 13, 1929. William S. Hart served as a pallbearer and Western actor Tom Mix atte (MORE)

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