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What did Robin Hood use to shoot?

Long Bow, and arrows of course. At the time of Robin Hood the Long Bow was a new and exciting weapon. Capable of bringing down a fully armored knight. Using one a common man (MORE)

In which year was Robin Hood set?

As it's a legend, and quite an old one, no-one is sure of precise dating. But there are speculations, and it definitely is set in the reign of King Richard I of England "the L (MORE)

Did Robin Hood brake the law?

yes robin hood broke many laws back in his time there is no such thing as a good or bad thief you steal from people you broke the law common sense
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What does the hood mean in Robin Hood?

Robin Hood was a fictional character that began in the 1200's as an oral poem. Through the years the story has changed and characters added to it. In fact, the story is still (MORE)

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