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What is Equitization?

Equitization is a type of process that is used in investing for  diving tangible items like real estate. In this process, these  items are turned into stock that is publical (MORE)
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How old is the Gallows Pub in Rochdale?

There has been a pub on the spot since medieval hangings ended, but there has been several buildings and pubs as businesses on the spot. The current building has been set up s (MORE)

What is equitable fee simple?

Fee simple is the highest form of ownership of real property. Fee simple is absolute ownership. The owner in fee simple can sell the property or if they die while owning prope (MORE)

What is an equitable mortgage?

An equitable mortgage is also called as English mortgage which can be done by deposit of original title deeds of a person who intends to obtain loan from anybody, as security (MORE)

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