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How do you form a rock band?

Answer   # Learn how to play/read music  # Write new material and copyright it immediately  # Study other rock bands you would like to be similar to  # Combine like-mi (MORE)

Do symbols work with rock band 1 drums?

Not from what i read. I just bought symbols for rock band 1 drums, and there are not plugs on the back for them. I went online to see, and i found blogs that said you need roc (MORE)

Is there a another punk rock band?

There are plenty more punk rock bands! You'll generally find them playing your local dive bars on a Thursday night to two people because everyone else is at home bitching abou (MORE)

Are there any Tasmanian rock bands?

Try the following from the 60's & 70's), all of these had charted hits in Tasmania: Kravats The Boys Chaos & Co Bacchus (aka Sons Of Bacchus) Clockwork Oringe Beathoven Alabtr (MORE)

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What are some classic rock bands?

Led zeppelin, Jimi hendrix, Boston, Lynryd Skynyrd, Eric Clapton, Rush, Black Sabbath, Steve Miller Band, The Who, The Guess Who, Ted Nugent, Yes, Tom Petty And The Heartbreak (MORE)

What is the maximum number for a rock band?

Technically, as many as you can fit in your rehearsal space. However, for a tight and focussed group, probably six is the maximum. Nu-metal band Slipknot have nine members, an (MORE)

What rock bands start with the letter I?

There are a few but the most common ones people go for include: Incubus INXS and Iron maiden possibly as they are more metal There are lots of ones out side of the music Ge (MORE)