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Do pigeons have souls?

No, pigeons don't have souls, just like gingers. They're genetically related and therefore have no souls. They also spawn in dark alleys and trash bins.
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How long for 1 pigeons egg to hatch?

  roughly 21 days to hatch after 14 days hold egg up and if its see throung your egg will not hatch u have a dud if its filled aka a dark no see through color then u might (MORE)

What is a pigeon clock?

Pigeon Clocks are rather simple devices used to time pigeon races. In pigeon races, the birds are taken from their home stop and are released for their homing experience. The (MORE)

What is a Passenger Pigeon?

Passenger pigeons, now extinct, were a member of the dove family. They were once the most numerous bird on the planet with flocks numbering in the billions. People hunted them (MORE)
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What is a pigeon?

A pigeon is a plump bird sometimes used for racing or for carrying messages.Pigeons are often found in cities.They are related to doves.. Actually, pigeons are doves. The lar (MORE)

What is a pink pigeon?

  A Pink Pigeon is a very rare breed of Pigeon that is found in Mauritius. They really are partly pink. Gerald Durrell even wrote a book about them. See link below for (MORE)

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What a pigeons?

Those are birds who constitute the bird family  Columbidae. Pigeons are stout-bodied birds with short necks,  and short, slender bills with fleshy  ceres. They feed on  (MORE)