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Which actor played the trainer of Rocky Balboa in Rocky 3?

    First it was Mickey Goldmill "Burgess Meredith" until he died, then Apollo Creed "Carl Weathers" along with his old trainer Duke "Tony Burton".     Burgess (MORE)
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What is Rocky Balboas title belt?

It is a Replica of the Ring Magazine Title Belt. The only difference between The Rocky Belt and The Ring Belt is that the Rocky title contains the circle around whereas the Ri (MORE)

What was rocky Balboas age?

In the first film, he mentions he is 30. In the second movie he's 31, in the third movie he's about 37, in the fourth movie he's about 40, in the fifth movie he's about 45, an (MORE)
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Was there a real boxer by the name of Rocky Balboa?

According to WikiPedia Rocky Balboa is a fictional character. According to a statement by Sylvester Stallone Rocky was born as a result of Stallone having seen the Ali-Wepner (MORE)

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