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Was rocky marciano decapitated?

According to the reports of the crash of the cessna in which he was killed Rocky was indeed decapitated, his was the only body which remained in the wreckage of the plane, the (MORE)

Is rob marciano married?

According to Rob Marciano's tweet on July 7, 2010, "On a personal note... Eryn and I got married last week!! I'm lucky to have such an amazing woman! :)))"
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How much is a rocky marciano autograph worth?

  depends on the item signed,the clarity of the autograph and if its authentic..prices range from $1000-$5000..hope this helps
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Is Mercury rocky?

yes!! mercury is a rocky planet. lets just make this easier. i have recently learned that the first four planets are rocky and the last four are gaseous that makes mercury ven (MORE)

Did Rocky Marciano once box his brother?

In answer to this question Rocky boxed against his brother Sonny Marciano on many occasions, but never in official fights, only in sparring and infamously on an exhibition t (MORE)

Is there a rocky 7?

  No and there never will be (probably not) Stallone was unsatisfied with Rocky V and made the final film Rocky Balboa which there are many hints throughout the dialog sig (MORE)
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Did joe Louis beat marciano?

No Joe Louis did not beat Rocky Marciano, as Marciano was the first boxer to retire undefeated in the heavy weight class.
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