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How much money did rocky marciano earn?

Around 5 million from his boxing career, which was a lot of money for the 1950's, but that was the money he managed to KEEP; his managers and "friends" actually screwed him, e (MORE)

Do the rocky movies take after the legend boxer Rocky Marciano?

The rocky movies do not take their inspiration from the legendary  Rocky Marciano, although the main character is named Rocky in honor  of the former champ, although the cha (MORE)
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Was rocky marciano decapitated?

According to the reports of the crash of the cessna in which he was killed Rocky was indeed decapitated, his was the only body which remained in the wreckage of the plane, the (MORE)
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When did Rocky Marciano die?

Rocky Marciano died in a private-plane crash on August 31st, 1969 when he was 45 years old. He leaves behind his wife, who were married for 19 years.
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Did rocky marciano have a son?

Rocky and his wife had one daughter, Mary-Anne, they also adopted a boy shortly before Marciano's death and named him Rocco Kevin.
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Did Rocky Marciano once box his brother?

In answer to this question Rocky boxed against his brother Sonny Marciano on many occasions, but never in official fights, only in sparring and infamously on an exhibition t (MORE)
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What did rocky marciano used to eat and what exercises he did?

"This relatively brutal new regimen included a minimum of seven miles of roadwork per day, wearing very heavy training shoes that were specially designed for him by a local sh (MORE)

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