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What does the term 'rococo' mean?

Rococo is a style of French design and decor that originated in the mid-18th century. Rococo was the last part of the French Baroque style and is characterized by rich decora (MORE)

What is the definition of rococo?

Rococo is an 18th century art period which features feminine and ornate decorations. Rococo art uses many pastel colors, patterns, and outdoor scenes. The word is a fusion (MORE)

What is rococo art?

The rococo style of art emerged in France in early 18th century as the continuation of baroque style. it is also the style of art especially architecture and decorative art.

What exactly is rococo?

Rococo is a style and architectural period in the 18th century, heavily attributed to France but was essentially worldwide. It is known for its filigree designs, gilding and e (MORE)

What is rococo antiques?

Rococo refers to a style of interior design that was very popular in 18th century Europe. "Rococo rooms were designed as total works of art with elegant and ornate furniture, (MORE)

For what class of people was rococo intended?

Rococo was intended mainly for the upper class. Rococo art expressed the life of leisure the upper class enjoyed, for example, lavish parties in a garden or lounging on the gr (MORE)

Which artists was not part of Rococo movement?

Rococo art is typical of the 18th century. So all artists before and after the 18th century were NOT part of Rococo = hundreds of thousands of artists were NOT part of it.
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What is rococo known as?

Evolved from the Baroque styles of Architecture, Rococo decorationoriginated in France around 1720AD. Rococo is also a style of musicfrom the mid 18th century.