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How did Lincoln deal with Clement Vallandigham?

He was tried by court, sent to war prison and planned for execution but Lincoln instead ordered the now-former congressman (he'd lost reelection in the middle of all this) tak (MORE)

How do you use clement in a sentence?

The weatherman said that we will have clement weather by the end of the week. I was so relieved to have had a clement judge hear my case.
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What was Andrew Clements' first book?

Andrew Clements' first book was a picture book called Bird Adalbert that was published in 1985. His first book, published in 1985, was a picture book called Bird Adalbert. His (MORE)

What are rods?

Rods are photoreceptors found on the retina of the eye. They do not detect colour but detect variations in the amounts of light allowing you to see shades of colour and to dev (MORE)

The origin of Clement family?

  An opinion based on research and guesses   Clement is the name of an Irish family said to be of Huguenot origin which appears in Cork in the 1600's. The family pro (MORE)

How old is Roberto clemente when he died?

Roberto Clemente Roberto Clemente was 37 years old when he died in a plane crash delivering food, medicine, and money to Nicaraguan. Nicaraguan had an earthquake so he went (MORE)

Where did the surname Clements originate?

AnswerOriginating from Germany, the surname Clements means stubborn and selfish.    AnswerThis name likely comes from Latin name Clemens (genitive Clementis) meaning 'merc (MORE)

Who does Jemaine Clement play in Despicable Me?

Apparently, he provided the voice for one of Gru's minions ("Jerry")... I did not catch this at any point while watching the film :(
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Where did Roberto clementes plane crash?

Roberto Clemente was a professional baseball player who was born on  August 18, 1934 in Puerto Rico. He played for the Pittsburgh Prates  for 18 seasons. He was killed in a (MORE)