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What are rods?

Rods are photoreceptors found on the retina of the eye. They do not detect colour but detect variations in the amounts of light allowing you to see shades of colour and to dev (MORE)
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Who is Andrew clements family members?

Andrew Clements has a wife and 4 children. Their names are Charles, George, Nathaniel, and John. His wife's name is Rebecca.

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What did Pope Clement I do to be canonized a saint?

A:   Although historically there was no Pope Clement I, Catholic  tradition says that he was pope approximately 92-97 CE. Francis A.  Sullivan SJ (From  Apostles to Bis (MORE)
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Was Pope Clement I rich or poor?

A:   Most popes were incredibly rich in office. Until recent times that  was one of the attractions of being a pope. However, almost nothing  is known about Clement I ap (MORE)