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What does a lightning rod do?

A lightning rod conducts electrical charges, preventing a lightning strike that could damage or set fire to a building. It is usually the highest point on a structure and prov (MORE)

What is TMT rod?

Thermo Mechanically Treated (TMT) rods are manufactured using the 'Quenching & Tempering' (Q & T) technology. A contemporary technology, it allows the production of rods to be (MORE)
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What is a perm rod?

  Answer     Hello, a perm rod is a small plastic curler used for perming the hair. These rods come in different sizes depending on how small or large you want (MORE)
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What are lightning rods?

Metal rods with grounding wires attached to the top of tall buildings to conduct static electric buildup 'harmlessly' to the ground. The big selling point is protection from l (MORE)

What are rods?

Rods are photoreceptors found on the retina of the eye. They do not detect colour but detect variations in the amounts of light allowing you to see shades of colour and to dev (MORE)

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What a lightning rod?

A lightning rod is a metal rod placed in various structures to prevent lightning from striking them. It attracts the lightning to itself, and it is channeled into the ground.
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What is a boiling rod?

Boiling rods are rods that prevent overboiling. Though I doubt that  they are used the kitchen, they are used on the lab. Because they  are hollow and have openings on both (MORE)

What is a ceramic rod?

A ceramic rod is in some heaters that glow red in the flame. It uses coal so like a radiator! thanks for asking this question! I know everything! :)
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What is it that rods detect?

Rods are used for low-light contrasts, unlike cones which detect colour. They are photoreceptive cells found in the retina. Rods function in less intense light than cones, and (MORE)