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How old is rodan?

Rodan is 55 years old so far and was born in 1956. note that he has died in Godzilla vs Mecha-godzilla 2 by helping Godzilla.
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Can mothra beat rodan?

Rodan can beat mothra Rodans a giant Terrordactyal Mothras a giant moth its Terrordactyal vs Moth
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How many reps sell rodan and fields products in Idaho?

The last time I looked, there were just a handful of consultants in Idaho! Our executive teams are hosting events to get the company rolled out across the country over this ye (MORE)

How big is rodan?

i think its wingspan must be about 700 hundred feet and must be about 500 hundred feet tall and i think it ways 800 tons
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What is Gideon Rodan best known for?

Gideon Alfred Rodan was best known for his work based around osteoporosis. He created a compound that blocked osteoclast mediated bone resorption. He also worked on the role o (MORE)
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What products do Rodan and Fields offer?

Rodan and Fields is a Dermatology company that offers high end skin care and cosmetic products. Originally the product was sold in high end department stores, but the company (MORE)

What movie and television projects has Jay Rodan been in?

Jay Rodan has: Played Lt. Leak in "The Lost Battalion" in 2001. Played Agis in "The Triumph of Love" in 2001. Played Michael in "Callas Forever" in 2002. Played Marc Antony in (MORE)