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What is a rodeo?

Answer . It's a sporting event where contestents show their skills in riding horses, roping cattle, bull riding, barrel racing, and other activities involved in (MORE)

How did the rodeo get start?

Rodeo (IPA: /ˈroʊdioʊ/ or /roʊˈdeɪoʊ/) is a sport which arose out of the working practices of cattle herding in Spain , Mexico , and later the Unite (MORE)

How did rodeo begin?

repressed coyboys would rate their ability to wrangle wild horses. lusty competition between farm hands would later become a professional 'sport'. many gay rights groups consi (MORE)

Who is joe rodeo?

Joe Rodeo is a company that specializes in jewelry and watches. Thecompany is located in New York City and was established in 1980.

Is rodeo illegal?

Rodeo is not illegal. Rodeo is a very commonly participated organized sport in the US, South America, Canada and Austriala.

Where did the rodeo com from?

Rodeos originated in the mid 1800s. All the way from Mexico to Canada, or wherever cattle and cowboys were. After a while, cowboys who raised cattle and worked on ranches woul (MORE)

What happened at a rodeo?

How about you tell us what particular rodeo at the time of this "incident" first before we give you an answer? Might help things along a bit.

What happens at rodeos?

Bull riding,Bronc riding, Barrel Racing, Calf riding, Calf Roping , Team roping and for little children (Ages 2-6)