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What are Roes?

Roe is fish eggs.   ----     Roe is fish eggs, yes, but in this circumstance I believe "roes" is referring to roe deer., as in (MORE)

When is the fresh cod roe season?

The all too short season is from January to March, and well worth sticking a reminder in your calendar for! I'll be down in the harbor thereabouts scouting out my ration. (MORE)
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Is the name for a female fish roe?

  no - roe is a packet of fish eggs carried within a female fish's body.
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Is the roe deer endangered?

No. The Roe deer numbers around 15 million strong in Europe and is the most common deer species on the continent.
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Deers eat other deers?

No, deer are herbivores. Like most mammals, however, a doe eats the placenta after giving birth. And deer have been witnessed eating birds caught in flight nets erected for th (MORE)
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What is the collective noun for a group of roe deer?

  The collective noun specifically for roe deer is:   * A bevy of roes   However, deer in general are known by three other collective nouns:   * A herd of dee (MORE)