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Where was 'Rio' by Duran Duran filmed?

  Rio in Antigua   The video was filmed by director Russel Mulcahy (Highlander) at various places around the island of Antigua in May of 1982. The yacht scenes were (MORE)

Is Andy Taylor still a member in Duran Duran?

Answer   Andy Taylor isn't a part of the band any more. As far as I've heard as a Duranie, in Andy's book I think, when they brought Red Carpet Massacre or another CD to (MORE)
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Are Duran Duran bisexual?

NO!     despite their quite interesting outfits (mainly in the 80's) all members of Duran Duran are straight.
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Who writes the songs for Duran Duran?

The band has always credited the songwriting to "Duran Duran", i.e., the entire band, ensuring that royalties are always split evenly. It does appear that their approach is ve (MORE)

Is Duran Duran still a band?

Yes! After many splits and made up Duran Duran is still a band, albeit that Andy Taylor (re-joined in 2001) quit in 2007 again and now they have Dom Brown on guitar. In fact, (MORE)

Who is john Taylor from duran duran?

John Taylor (born Nigel John Taylor on 20 June 1960) is an English musician who is best known as the bass guitarist and co founder of pop rock band Duran Duran. Taylor was of (MORE)

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