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What is a torie?

During the Revolutionary War, a Torie [aka Loyalist] was an American who remained loyal to the British crown. They were treated very harshly by Whigs [who were against the Bri (MORE)

Who were the patriots and the tories?

The Patriots and the Tories were two groups of people during the American Revolution. The Patriots were a group of "rebels" against the King(George III) and wanted freedom and (MORE)

Who were the Tories?

The Tories were loyalists. For example, after the US Declaration of Independence, people started taking sides, either as a patriot or as a loyalist. If you were a loyalist, yo (MORE)

What are torys?

Tory/Tories are a traditional political philosophy and political party which was established in Britain after the War of the Three Kingdoms. It is well known for the Tory part (MORE)

Was Milton a tory?

If you mean John Milton (9 December 1608 - 8 November 1674) who was an English poet, polemicist, a scholarly man of letters, and a civil servant for the Commonwealth (republic (MORE)

What are Tories?

Tories were people during the American Revolutionary War who were  loyal to King George. Many times they were called Loyalists. In  modern day UK, Tories are considered to b (MORE)

What is Roger and Me about?

The 1989 documentary film directed by Michael Moore "Roger &  Me" is about the adverse economic effects that General Motors CEO  Roger Smith had upon the city of Flint , Mic (MORE)

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