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Does dan sperry have a wife?

Dan Sperry does have a wife. They got married this year on May 14th. The girl's name is Temika.

Are Sperry shoes for girls or boys?

They are for both genders!! there are TONS of guys at my school who have Sperrys!! All the football players wear theres the day of a game!! it just depends what color/design y (MORE)

Where can you get sperry shoes?

I bought mine from Off Broadway Shoes. but who can buy them from anywhere!!! I wouldnt buy them online thought cause I would wanna try them on to make sure. But go to Rack Roo (MORE)

Do you wear socks with sperry shoes?

Actually they make special socks for shoes like Sperry's and TOMS. But you dont wear normal socks with Sperry's. Sorry it just does NOT look good at all. Those special socks a (MORE)

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