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What are comics?

a comic most of the times is a short little story which u can find in newspapers som comic company and writers are marvel,the grim brothers and much more there are also graphi (MORE)

What is a rogue?

A solitary animal outside a herd (notably an elephant) is called a rogue. A rogue as a person is also one who is separate or outside the rules of society, as a scoundrel or ra (MORE)

What is comics?

Comics are created in various styles. From the simple four panel cartoons we see in the newspaper, to complex books with complicated storylines, comics are enjoyable for almos (MORE)
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What is a comic?

  A "comic" is a series of pictures used to tell a story. Sometimes, they may be paired with words, to create dialog or explain something. Comics come in several differe (MORE)

What do comics do?

Stand-up comedy and they tell jokes, I think... failure    ... They are drawings...with dialogue, usually, that are meant to make people laugh.
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What are rogue jurors?

A juror, or jurors, who fail to follow the instruction of the judge when he read them the applicable law, and who insist on sustituting their own reasoning instead of that of (MORE)
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What is a gentleman rogue?

A gentleman rogue is someone who has the respect and demeanor of a gentleman or someone of high stature, but also has roguish elements that put him outside society. James Bond (MORE)

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