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What are the origins of hockey?

  Ice Hockey It seems no one really knows the origin of the game of hockey. Most people agree though that the modern game of ice hockey developed in Canada and Northern (MORE)

What are scooter rollers?

Small weights found in the variator of a scooter. They are usually in a short cylinder shape and are responsible for giving the scooter its driving characteristics along with (MORE)

Why is hockey healthy?

Hockey is a great way to work out while having fun. It burns calories and builds muscle, particularly in the glutes, quads, ankles, and abs. It's also good for mental health. (MORE)

How do you play hockey?

That depends on what kind of hockey you intend to play. You will at the very least need a stick for everyone and a surface suitable for playing on, plus enough people to make (MORE)

What is internalizing?

  When you take something and develop it inside yourself. Its psychological not physical. You could internalize your mother fear of snakes. Meaning now you fear snakes. Ge (MORE)

What is faster roller blades or roller skates?

If modern inline speed skates are compared to modern quad skates, the former are faster, in part due to the difference in wheel size. Modern inline skates use 100 - 110 mm wh (MORE)

What is a tip in in hockey?

When the puck is shot and someone with their stick or skate redirects the puck or 'tips' it.
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What is a hockey enforcer?

A hockey enforcer is a player who engages in the most physical contact. He usually protects another player or just sets an example. Enforcers aren't considered dirty players. (MORE)

What is a 'shell' in hockey?

Some players (myself included) wear a girdle for ice hockey instead of what would be considered typical ice hockey pants. The girdle is a tight set of pads that you slip on, t (MORE)