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What is the best brand of roller skates?

  Riedell is a great brand, I really like them. I bought some Riedell Wicked skates for roller derby and they rock. What type skates are you looking for? There are so many (MORE)
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What are facts about roller skating?

  Joseph Merlin of Huy, Belgium invented the roller skates. To introduce his invention he entered the ballroom-playing violin in 1759. Unfortunately he did not know how to (MORE)

What is faster roller blades or roller skates?

If modern inline speed skates are compared to modern quad skates, the former are faster, in part due to the difference in wheel size. Modern inline skates use 100 - 110 mm wh (MORE)
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How do you shuffle roller skate?

Shuffling is not that hard, but does take a little time to practice. The concept is pretty simple. You want to basically incorporate three moves/movements into one, and do the (MORE)

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