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What did the centurion do in the roman army?

A centurion was an officer in the Roman army. There were eleven grades of centurion and each level or grade had his own responsibilities. The lowest rank of centurion was in c (MORE)

What qualities did you have to have to join the Roman army?

You had to be fit and strong, Be able to take orders, Be good with either a sword and/or a bow and arrow,Able to ride a horse if you were in the cavalry,Be {relatively} rich ( (MORE)

Who was in roman army?

Roman (male) citizens of military age (between 17 and 46) who were physically and mentally fit could join the army. Slaves could not join the army, but freedmen could because (MORE)

What made the roman army strong?

The Roman army was for a long time invincible because of its ability to adapt and maneuverability. It also had some of the best disciplined soldiers, outstanding tactics and a (MORE)

What is the Roman army?

Rome was early on (say 500 BCE) a farming community covering about 50 square miles, with a citadel to defend in extremis. The Roman army comprised initially the peasant farmer (MORE)

What are the admirable features of the Roman army?

The Romans had a very well developed army. It was one of the first organized army. They had armor plated uniforms. powerful weapons such as the scorpion crossbow. Had the firs (MORE)

What were the Roman army formations?

Early Roman army formations were based on the Greek  plalanx, sometimes referred to as the hoplite  phalanx. Sometime in the 6th century BC BCE the Romans  used this battle (MORE)

Why did the ancient Roman army weaken?

The Roman Emperors were weak and enaged in a number of civil wars.  Rome's economic system favored an upward flow of wealth, to the  extent the common citizenry realized the (MORE)

How many Romans were in the army?

During the reign of Augustus (27 BC-14 AD) the Romans had 25 legions and about 125,000 men. Under the reign of Septimius Severus (193-211) there were 33 legion and about 18,00 (MORE)