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What is an roman army standard bearer?

A Roman army standard bearer was called a "signifer". He carried the standard of a legion, cohort or maniple so that in battle the men knew where they were supposed to be. He (MORE)

What is the ranks of the Roman army?

The ranks of the Roman army can only be loosely compared to the ranks of present day armies. Starting at the bottom : Miles Gregarius, the common soldier; a private. Signifer (MORE)

Who was in roman army?

Roman (male) citizens of military age (between 17 and 46) who were physically and mentally fit could join the army. Slaves could not join the army, but freedmen could because (MORE)

What is the Roman army?

Rome was early on (say 500 BCE) a farming community covering about 50 square miles, with a citadel to defend in extremis. The Roman army comprised initially the peasant farmer (MORE)

Did a Roman army conquer a Spartan army?

Yes, the Spartans were defeated by the Romans. Sparta had been in a  slow decline for centuries before the Romans arrived. Roman  commander Flamininus invaded Laconia and la (MORE)

What is the ranking system of the Roman army?

The Roman  Military officers were:   The  Dux was the commander of two or more legions  The  Legatus legionis was the commander of the  legion  The  Tribunus Militum (MORE)

What was the Roman washing like in the Roman army?

If you mean personal washing and personal cleanliness, the standards were high, just as in civilian life Remains of baths have been found at Roman forts. If you mean washing i (MORE)

Why was the shield important to the roman army?

The Roman shield , or Scutum , was an important part of the soldier's equipment and an essential part of his protection while in formation fighting against an enemy while in f (MORE)

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