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What was the purpose of a roman dictator?

The Roman senate appointed a man a dictator during times of crisis when they could not agree upon a solution. He was supposed to solve the problem and then resign. The usual t (MORE)

What was a role of a dictator during the roman republic?

During the Roman republic, a dictator was an appointed office for usually a six month period. In that time, the dictator was supposed to take charge of the government and solv (MORE)

When was a dictator appointed in the ancient roman republic?

The term dictator had a  different meaning to the Romans. During the period of the Roman  Republic, a dictator was an extraordinary executive officer of  state with extraor (MORE)

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How does Julius Caesar become dictator of roman?

The meaning of the word dictator was very different in ancient Rome than it is now. The dictatorship was an extraordinary office of state which was received by appointment by (MORE)

What dictator was responsible for the end of the roman republic?

Julius Caesar was appointed dictator four times. He had himself first appointed dictator in 49 BC to preside over his own election as consul (the consuls were the two annually (MORE)

Why did the Romans choose a dictator in emergencies?

 The term dictator had a  different meaning to the Romans. The dictator was originally  created as an extraordinary officer of state who was appointed  during military em (MORE)

How did dictators get power in the Roman Empire?

The term  dictator had a different meaning for the Romans. During the period  of the Roman Republic, Rome responded to emergencies by appointing  a dictator who was an extr (MORE)

Who declared himself dictator in the Roman republic?

No one could declare themselves dictator because a dictator had to  be appointed by one of the consuls (the two annually elected heads  of the Republic) and be given a speci (MORE)