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What is the capital of Bulgaria?

The capital of Bulgaria is Sofia (Sofija, Sophia,  Sophija, София).   Use the link below to check facts and learn more.    The capital city of Bulgaria is Sof (MORE)

Is Bulgaria in Europe?

Yes, Bulgaria is on the continent of Europe and joined the EU on 1st January 2007.
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When was Bulgaria created?

Bulgaria known today is created between 600 and 681 year B.C. Before this Bulgaria there was more 12 Bulgarias with this name trough the centruries wich existed in the same ti (MORE)

How did Bulgaria get the name Bulgaria?

Bulgaria gets its name from the Bulgar people, who migrated from Central Asia to Eastern Europe in the 7th century. They established Old Great Bulgaria (roughly where Ukraine (MORE)

Where is Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is in SE Europe next to Greece, Serbia, Turkey, Romania and Macedonia. It is west of the Black Sea. at the bottom of Europe
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What is the continent of Bulgaria?

Europe Its in Europe. Europe   Bulgaria is located on the European continent.   It's in the south east Europe on the Balkan Peninsula.   Europe

What can you do in Bulgaria?

In Bulgaria you can climb the mountains, play in the snow in the winter,Sun bathe on the beach in the summer,enjoy the wonderful culture and food, swim in one of the refreshin (MORE)

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