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Should romance be capitalized when speaking about romance languages?

Yes, it should. The term comes from the fact that many of these languages are based on Latin, which was the language of the Romans. "Romance," in this case, means "of the Roma (MORE)

What are 5 modern languages are romance languages?

The Romance Languages have their origins in Latin. The most spoken  Romance Languages are:   Spanish   French   Portuguese   Italian   Romanian   Cata (MORE)

What are the five romance languages?

There are more than 5 romance languages. Here is a partial list: French Italian Spanish Portuguese Catalán Romanian Latin Sardinian Corsican Gallo Jèrriais Romansh Wallo (MORE)

What are the 4 romance languages?

There are more than four, closer to 50. The ones people tend to  think of are Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Catalan and  Romanian are also romance languages. All (MORE)

The 6 most widley spoken 'romance languages'?

  french   italian   portugese   romanch   spanish   romainian
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What are three romance languages thet came from latin?

    There are much more than three!!!     French   Spanish   Portuguese   Italian   Romanian   Catalan     And many others!! Occitan, Rom (MORE)

What are modern romance languages?

  The major Romance languages are Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Romanian - there are quite a few minor ones also, of which Catalan is perhaps the largest.
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Is latin a romance language?

Latin is the langauge from whence all Romance languages derive (Romance meaning of Rome). Latin, however, is an Italic language, as are all Romance languages. Latin does not d (MORE)