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What are the five romance languages?

There are more than 5 romance languages. Here is a partial list: French Italian Spanish Portuguese Catalán Romanian Latin Sardinian Corsican Gallo Jèrriais Romansh Wallo (MORE)

What are the 4 romance languages?

There are more than four, closer to 50. The ones people tend to  think of are Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese. Catalan and  Romanian are also romance languages. All (MORE)

What are modern romance languages?

  The major Romance languages are Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Romanian - there are quite a few minor ones also, of which Catalan is perhaps the largest.
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Is latin a romance language?

Latin is the langauge from whence all Romance languages derive (Romance meaning of Rome). Latin, however, is an Italic language, as are all Romance languages. Latin does not d (MORE)

If french is a romance language what is Japanese?

Japanese is generally regarded as being one of the Japonic languages, of which there are not very many -- just two, in fact: Japanaese and Ryukyuan. The wider classification (MORE)