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When was the Romanesque period?

"Romanesque" is a fairly modern term used to describe the art and architecture of western Europe in the period 1050 to 1200. It means "like Roman", since it featured Roman-sty (MORE)

What are characteristics of Romanesque architectural Style?

harmonious proportions . stone barrel vault or groin vault . thick and heavy walls . thick and heavy pillars . small windows . round arches supporting the roof . round " (MORE)

Why is Romanesque the common style of architecture?

After the fall of the West Roman Empire, there was not a lot of easy communication of ideas in Europe. People did not travel much, and they did not write much. This changed wi (MORE)

What are the contribution of romanesque architecture?

According to Lois Fischner-Rathus in her book "Understanding Art" the museum Experience Edition 9e, 2010,Thi main contribution of the Romanesque architects was the vaulting te (MORE)

What type of architecture is romanesque architecture?

Romanesque Architecture is a form of medieval architecture that adapts the roman styles of construction (as in the phrase "roman"-esque), seen distinctly in its rounded arches (MORE)
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How did the Romanesque style derive its name?

The Romanesque style received it's name from a man named Henry, Henry was a pipe fitter and enjoyed the divine style of the Romans work. One day Henry decided to think of a na (MORE)

Why is romanesque art called romanesque?

Because the Romanesque architecture combines elements of older Roman (think ancient Rome) and Byzantine architecture. Mostly this type of architecture was prevalent during the (MORE)