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Difference between Romanesque and Gothic?

Prevalent from the 9th through 12th centuries CE, Romanesque  architecture combined the influences of Roman and Byzantine styles.  The style was named, in the 1800s because (MORE)

Why did architecture change from Romanesque to Gothic?

  The change started to express a new theological view of the church. The Romanesque church should be seen as a fortress against a sinful world outside.   The Gothic ch (MORE)

When was the Romanesque period?

"Romanesque" is a fairly modern term used to describe the art and architecture of western Europe in the period 1050 to 1200. It means "like Roman", since it featured Roman-sty (MORE)

How did art change after World War 1?

After WWI, European life in itself had changed greatly due to the devastation, loss, and change in governments. However, the change in society was greatly influenced by art. E (MORE)

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Why is romanesque art called romanesque?

Because the Romanesque architecture combines elements of older Roman (think ancient Rome) and Byzantine architecture. Mostly this type of architecture was prevalent during the (MORE)

The famous quote from early modern architect Louis Sullivan form (ever) follows function applies to Romanesque art?

Louis Henry Sullivan, an American architect, is credited with the  quote. He credited an ancient Roman architect.
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