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Are transformers Japanese?

Well, the Transformers are Aliens. But, I don't thinks what you are asking. In truth, the Transformers started off as a toy. So, going by that, they are in fact NOT solely J (MORE)

What is will in Japanese?

It depends on what you mean by "will". If you mean the noun will, then it's ishi (意志). If you mean the will that indicates future tense in English, then there isn't one. (MORE)

What is of in Japanese?

  I know that someimtes of is 'No' as in: kami no tenshi (Angel Of God) Kami(god) No(of) tenshi(angel) Enlgish 'X No Y' Japanese 'Y No X'
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When and why did the Japanese surrender?

The Japanese formally surrendered on September 2, 1945. Contrary to popular belief, it wasn't the two atomic bombing that brought Japan to its knees immediately. After Hiros (MORE)

What is '' in Japanese?

It changes the sounds of "letter" in Japanese They do not really have letters, they have sound like ha ka and te ha with " after it (ha") changes it to ba ka with " afte (MORE)

What is you in Japanese?

There are many words for "You" in Japanese depending on the  manner of which you choose to speak.   Anataあなた: Used mostly between those who are  very close, like (MORE)

What was Romanization?

It has multiple meanings - one of them basically means assimilation  of a certain group of people by the Roman Empire, another means the  conversion of a certain writing sys (MORE)