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About the Romans?

The first Romans lived in the city of Rome over a thousand years ago.They had a strong army and took over many countries. Every Roman town had a big open space where people ( Full Answer )
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What did the Romans?

The Romans were normal people like us but did things slightly different to us. there idea of a bath were public baths were they would meat pals, get clean and conduct buisness ( Full Answer )
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When were the Romans?

Romans occupied Britain at the end of the 4th century and remained there after conquering it. They added significant changes to England's culture and language. They had a well ( Full Answer )
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Are they from Roman?

Cars no i don't really think so. Games some SO the games. And toys maybe.
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What did Romans do?

Well, over a long period over 1000 years in the history the Romans ruled in Europe. At it's height the Roman Empire spanned from the island of Britain in the North West, the B ( Full Answer )
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What did the Romans were?

The ancient Romans wore belted tunics (more than one if the weather was cold) and some type of cloak. The male citizens were entitled to wear the toga, but togas were hard to ( Full Answer )
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When where there Romans?

They were really along time ago. They were living in 100BC how incredible is that.
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What is romanism?

Romanism was a derogatory word for Roman Catholicism when anti-Catholicism was more common in the United Kingdom . and the United States
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How are you in Roman?

We are still in Rome because we use some of the inventions they made such as roads, concrete, and wine etc.
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What is 'a' in roman?

There is no such thing as a Roman language. The Romans were Latins,spoke in Latin ans used the Latin alphabet. 'a' is 'a' in Latin.English uses a modified version of the Latin ( Full Answer )