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What is Romanticism?

Romanticism In literature and painting, Romanticism stressed the importance of feelings, imagination, self-expression and individual creativity. It also stressed originali ( Full Answer )
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What are the elements of romanticism?

dark and light imagery; supernatural element(s); truth is found through living, not books (Bible); exotic setting; nature good, civilization bad; imagination or intuition; int ( Full Answer )
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What was romanticism?

ROMANTICISM was an artistic, literal & an intellectual movement which originated to develop a particular form of nationalist sentiments....
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What influenced Romanticism?

There are various things that are believed to have influencedRomanticism. Some of these factors include religious traditions andNeoclassicism.
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What caused romanticism?

Romanticism was started in Europe. It was based around arts,emotions, and the intellectual movement. It is still used in allforms of art regularly as it helps the consumer rel ( Full Answer )
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What are the causes of Romanticism?

the French Revolution helped to start the period of Romanticism. Also the Industrial Revolution helped to move the Romantic period forward.
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What are themes in romanticism?

Romanticism is an early American art form, such as literature and painting, that stressed a strong connection with natural surroundings. Are you ready? ART: German Romantici ( Full Answer )
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What is precursors of romanticism?

In the eighteen century there was a group of poets called the "Precursors of Romanticism". ..
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When Was Romanticism Made?

Most people would laugh at me, but it is true. Romanticism was made at the beginning of this life that we live.(when god made the world)
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What is a characteristic of romanticism?

Characteristics of Romanticism literary works typically containcommon themes such as love, honor, ideals (like utopias), andnature. They typically consist of reflection over a ( Full Answer )