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Where is Rome?

There are many cities or towns named Rome. For example, there is asmall town in Texas named Rome, as well as Rome, NY, and Rome,Georgia. The most famous one is in the provinc (MORE)
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What is Rome?

Rome is the capital of Italy and birth place to the roman empire that spread all around the coast of the Mediterranean and north Europe and present day UK.
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What can you do in Rome?

When your in Rome you should go to the colloseum. Rome is a really cool place. If you get pizza be preparded- it doesn't taste or look like American pizza. The is very thin an (MORE)
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What did rome have?

An elective monarchy until -510, a plutocratic republic until -27, a variable monarchy for some time after
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Why is rome there?

Rome is there because god made the world and he made rome he made everything and everyone
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How can you get to Rome?

If you live in Europe you could drive because you don't have to cross water (same with Asia), but if you live in the U.S. you have to fly or if you really wanted to, take a bo (MORE)
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What is ROME about?

R RUN O OUT M MARY E ELLEN This was a band who were quite popular in Wisconin-Northamerica in 1952
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When is Rome?

that does not make sense but i have a related question: where is rome? well its in Italy in the center middle , just near the coast
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What did Rome do?

Not much, just conquer most of europe, build the greatest empire ever seen, build the second largest empire ever seen, build the longest empire ever seen, have a large navy an (MORE)
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Rome is the what?

It is the capital of Italy. It is many other things too, far too many to mention. It is the capital of Italy. It is many other things too, far too many to mention. It is the (MORE)