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Why is Rome called Rome?

  One of Rome's foundation legends tells of the twin brothers Romulus and Remus. They were said to have been descendants of Venus (as descendants of Aeneas) and fathered b (MORE)
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How was Rome named?

  While most would have it that Rome was named for Romulus who outwitted his brother Remus for control of the new settlement, Plutarch is clear that:   "from whom, and (MORE)
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Rome Or Greece?

Opinions:GREECE! ALL THE WAY! Past- This is not just an opinion. Even though Rome had a larger empire and improved much of Greeks' ideas and had some of their own, the Greeks (MORE)

What did Claudius do for Rome?

He helped to expanded more women rights, gives civilizations (meaning people who wanted to join Rome he would except them as a Rome citizen too.), and also he made a law to pr (MORE)
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How did Rome die?

Eastern Rome died because of the many generals that fought each other. The fighting weakened Rome as did the roads. The Barbarians walked strait to Rome on their own roads and (MORE)

What does Rome have to do with Constantinople?

Constantinople was in East Roman territory and was known as the city of Byzantium, and but was reinvigorated and reestablished by the Roman emperor Constantine, as his namesak (MORE)
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Is Russia rome?

No, Russia does nothing to do with Rome. Rome is the capital city of Italy. Russia is a vast country in the east (the smallest part of it is in Europe, the biggest one is in A (MORE)

Why was Rome expationist?

The Roman Empire did not grow out of a grand design of conquest and expansion. The Romans did not really need to control the Mediterranean. The empire grew out of a chain of s (MORE)

What is a homonym for Rome?

There are no homonyms for Rome. A homonym is one of a group of words which share the same spelling and pronunciation, but have different meanings. There is a homophone (words (MORE)

Who were the citizens in Rome?

Originally the citizens of Rome were the inhabitants of the city of  Rome and her surrounding territories. With Rome's territorial  expansion Roman citizenship was extended (MORE)