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In Romeo and Juliet is Romeo poor?

The first line of the prologue "Two households both alike in dignity" might help to show that they are of equal standing, but the answer is: No, his family is equal with the C (MORE)

In the play Romeo and Juliet how do Romeo and Juliet die?

Juliet fakes her death by taking a sleeping potion which makes her look like she's dead. friar Lawrence sent the message to Romeo but he never got the message .When Romeo hear (MORE)

In Romeo and Juliet why is Romeo sad?

In Romeo And Juliet, Romeo is sad because he cannot be with his true love - Juliet. Romeo and Juliet's families have argued for years, no one knows the true reason because it (MORE)

What happened between Romeo and Juliet at the party in Romeo and Juliet?

Romeo caught sight of Juliet and they instantly fell in love. ThenRomeo went looking for Juliet, once he found her they were talkingdeeply and kissing. Then Romeo finds out th (MORE)

What killed Juliet in romeo and Juliet?

She killed herself because she saw Romeo on the floor dead. She stabbed herself with his dagger
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How is Romeo impulsive in Romeo and Juliet?

whenever he first hears of Juliet's "death" he decides to kill himself. although it was an impulsive decision at such a young age, it shows how much he loved her. without her, (MORE)

In Romeo and Juliet who told Capulet about Romeo and Juliet?

Tybolt was the one who told Capulet about Romeo and Juliet. He did this because his family and Romeo's family were in a fued so all he knew how to do was hate. Therefore all h (MORE)

How does Juliet know that romeo is from the home of Montagues in Romeo and Juliet?

Not when they first meet at the masked ball they don't realise who the other is but they fall in love, but when they meet each other again they know that they are both from di (MORE)