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Is Ronnie milsaps son adopted?

Ronnie's son's name is Todd and NO, he is not adopted.. Im actually very good friends with him.
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Which physical handicap does Ronnie Milsap have?

Ronnie was born with congenital glaucoma. In his early years, he did have what is know as "light" vision. Unable to make out shapes and objects, but able to tell light and dar (MORE)

How did uncle Ronnie kill himself?

Eminem's Uncle Ronnie committed suicide after a bad breakup with a girlfriend. And Ronnie basically raised Eminem , but they were best friends until the end (Ronnie's death). (MORE)

Who is Ronnie to Eminem?

Ronnie is his uncle. In the song Stan he is mentioned 'I read about your uncle Ronnie too im sorry. I had a friend who killed himself over a b*tch who didnt want him'
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Was Ronnie James dio a christian?

No he was not. He did not believe in a religion as stated in the quote below where he expressed his feelings towards religion. "So when asked about religion, I said that the (MORE)
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Ronnie Milsap who was his grandmother?

Ronnie was born in Meadow Branch, NC. IT is a very small town and he was raised by his grandparents, Homer and Phoenie Frisby until the age of sic, when he was sent to the Gov (MORE)
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Who is Ronnie radke dateing?

He's not dating. He's engaged to be married. Ronnie Radke is  engaged to actress Crissy Henderson. Ronnie's first child, daughter  Willow Grace Radke was born on June 11, 20 (MORE)