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How do you escape from a rooftop?

ok abohaidar will answer. First dont climb this rooftop to dont escape from it - then if u climb it just tie your self by a rop and start going down slowly to the end o this m (MORE)

Where are the rooftops in Poptropica?

Spy Island Once you have rescued the first two spies, you have the grappling bowtie, and you can use it to climb above the Grease Monkey garage on Balding Avenue. The third s (MORE)

What do you do after you get to the rooftops on Poptropica?

After you save the second spy (from the electrified building on Toupee Terrace), use the grappling bowtie to climb the building above the Grease Monkey Garage on Balding Avenu (MORE)

What are vegetative rooftops?

Vegetated Rooftops. Kurtz Bros., Inc. is the licensed blender of soil media used in green roof systems provided by American Hydrotech. Special blends are provided for both in (MORE)

What is on the rooftops of Poptropica?

It depends on which rooftop you're on, and which island. On Spy Island, you need the invisible Chameleon Suit to get past the guards on the Docks. Once you rescue the first a (MORE)