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A group of rooks?

A group of rooks is known as a parliament, due to their habit of forming large assemblies during which one bird will seem to "speak" or orate at length. Afterwards, the bird i ( Full Answer )
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What is a rook?

A raven . The chess pieces that occupy the extreme corners of the opening game. Also know as a castle. . A prank, or a scam most often used as a verb. 'I've been rooked'
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How does a rook move?

The rook moves along either a rank or a file, and can move across or along any number of unoccupied squares. This means it can "reach" from one side of the board to the other ( Full Answer )
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Why is a rook called a rook?

There will probably other theories about the origin of the name "rook" for this chess piece; however her is the one I believe is best.. IN the origins of the game itself, the ( Full Answer )
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What is a rook and what can it do?

A rook is a chesspiece also dubbed the castle. On an empty board, it will always control 14 squares no matter where you put it.
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Were rookes dead?

Meh, I'm not interested... I'm scared... I'm not answering this one... I don't even know the answer.
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What is a rook that can be pierced?

Don't really understand the question. If you're wondering if your rook is pierceable, you have to go to your piercer and ask.
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Where are the rook islands?

The islands exist only in a game, not for real. Based on in-game mentions, thesemade-up islands are located somewhere between Thailand and Papua New Guinea. In real life, t ( Full Answer )
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What are rooks in chess?

Rooks are the castle-shaped pieces that begin the game at the four corners. They can move an unlimited distance but can't jump over other pieces, and can only travel up, down, ( Full Answer )
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Sentence for rooks?

The rooks are in the cornfield again. . I can't see how many rooks are on the telephone line fromhere.