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What do roots do?

The three major functions of roots are 1) absorption of water and inorganic nutrients, 2) anchoring of the plant body to the ground and 3) storage of food and nutrients.
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What are roots?

Roots are the part of the plant below ground that provide anchorageand transfer nutrients to the plant. In mathematics, roots are the solutions to a polynomial functionthat e ( Full Answer )
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What is a root?

A root is a part of a plant that anchors the plant in the ground and gets water and nutrients from the soil. The part of the root where growth and development starts/ The apic ( Full Answer )
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What does the root do?

The root of a plant anchors the plant to the earth. It also collects the water and nutrients necessary for plant growth.
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What do the roots do?

Roots anchor the tree in the ground and support it, and provide the nutrients required for life.
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What is root 3 - root 2?

The expression cannot be simplified. Its value is: 1.732 - 1.414 = 0.318 (to 3 dp) but u can extend as u like
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What is a cube root and a square root?

Cube Root - The number that produces a given number when cubed Square Root - A number that produces a specified quantity when multiplied by itself: "7 is a square root of 49". ( Full Answer )
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What is the square root of a square that has no root?

It's not a square if it has no root. If a number is a square then, by definition, it MUST have a square root. If it did not it would not be a square.
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What is the root folder or root directory?

The Root folder and Root directory is the Main location for the Linux system. Only users with super user privileges can access the directory. ANY changes made successfully in ( Full Answer )