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What is Valerian root?

  sedative   Valerian root is a sedative herb used for anxiety and certain types of pain, among other things.  Do not mix with alcohol.  My source for this is 'Pres (MORE)

How do roots respire?

Plant roots typically take in oxygen that is available in small spaces between soil particles and give off Carbon dioxide. If roots did not respire,they cannot produce the ene (MORE)
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What is a Clinging Root?

Clinging Roots are roots that hold on to things/objects they do not go into the ground and they can wrap around other trees etc.

What are root vegetables?

Botanically, some of these foods are technically tubers, rhizomes, corms, bulbs, or underground stems, but from a culinary standpoint, they're all known as "root vegetables." (MORE)
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What are the root hairs on the Roots for?

The root hairs go further down into the Soil to absorb more water and also nutrients. These microscopic root hairs are so small [made from Cells] that they make sure that pl (MORE)

What are root hairs?

Pretty self explanatory, root hairs are hairs on roots. Root hairs  are basically tiny projections on the root which can grow  through the spaces between soil particles, and (MORE)
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What is a buttressed root?

Buttress are large roots on all sides of a tall or shallowly rooted tree. Typically they are found in rainforests where soils are poor so roots don't go deep. They prevent the (MORE)

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