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What is the ropes course?

the rope course is a big obstacle course with different varieties you do a rope course low on the ground or really high but it doesn't matter if u are afraid of height because ( Full Answer )
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Which rope is stronger leather rope or regular rope?

Leather rope can be stronger than regular woven ropes, such as jute or flax. But synthetic rope (nylon, polyester) has many more fibers than leather, or any natural fiber, and ( Full Answer )
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How do you attach a rope to another rope?

There are 2 methods to attach the end of one tope to the end of another - either by using a splice, a permanent attachment, or, by using a "bend", a type of knot designed to c ( Full Answer )
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How does a rope have to be to be called a rope?

Multiple strands. A rope must consist of more than one strand formed together in some way to provide more strength. However, if the rope is small it is may be called cord, cor ( Full Answer )
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When was rope discovered?

The earliest records of creating any type of rope date back to about 26000 BCE. It wasn't a discovery or recognized as an invention. But records have shown where humans twiste ( Full Answer )
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What is a cable rope?

For ropework a cable is simply a large rope, whether made of metal, hemp, or synthetic material. Wire rope and other rope is usually referred to as cable when it gets larger t ( Full Answer )
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What is rope used for?

Rope has a lot of purposes, all depending on what you want to achieve by using it. There are a variety of types of rope for different purposes.
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Why is rope called rope?

Often material that is called rope is not technically rope, and the proper use of the term has different meanings as well. The twisting of material to form a strong cord, rope ( Full Answer )
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What does her rope she mean?

Nothing at all that I can tell. It's not even proper English. I suggest asking the person you heard say it what exactly they were saying.
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Is roping fun?

Yes!! For me atleast, it's an adrenaline rush that goes through you everytime you start whirling that lasso above your head. But then again, I'm a rodeo-lovin' cowgirl. Some p ( Full Answer )