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Which rope is stronger leather rope or regular rope?

Leather rope can be stronger than regular woven ropes, such as jute or flax. But synthetic rope (nylon, polyester) has many more fibers than leather, or any natural fiber, and (MORE)

How do you attach a rope to another rope?

There are 2 methods to attach the end of one tope to the end of another - either by using a splice, a permanent attachment, or, by using a "bend", a type of knot designed to c (MORE)

How do you splice a rope?

There are different types of splice and for different types of rope. The most common reason for a splice is to put either a loop in the end or an eye (an eye strengthens a sma (MORE)

How does a rope have to be to be called a rope?

Multiple strands. A rope must consist of more than one strand formed together in some way to provide more strength. However, if the rope is small it is may be called cord, cor (MORE)

What is bondage rope?

Bondage rope is a rope used in practice of tying people up, sometimes for sexual pleasure. Of all bondage equipment, rope is probably widely available; it is also relatively c (MORE)

Why is rope called rope?

Often material that is called rope is not technically rope, and the proper use of the term has different meanings as well. The twisting of material to form a strong cord, rope (MORE)

What is the Japanese rope?

If you're referring to the braided rope found at sacred sites such as Shinto shrines, this rope is called 'shimenawa.'
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