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What is a rose?

A rose is a Beutiful flower that is red and sometimes orange. She is an OLD friend... and its a red flower.
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What is in a rose?

A rose expresses how you truly feel for a person. You just have to make sure to get it from a trusted supplier such as Rose Source. With a nice bouquet, you are sure to melt t ( Full Answer )
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Where is rose?

Rose is home writing the answer to this question! Roses grow mostly on the northern hemisphere but they grow all over the world. Roses that grow in different places have a dif ( Full Answer )
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What is the rose for?

well it can show your emotion by their color. Example, Red rose means i love you so it shows love. Black roses spells out death or for some people that your hurt and heartbrok ( Full Answer )
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Who wrote a rose is a rose is a rose?

"A rose is a rose is a rose" was written by Gertrude Stein. This quote is taken from the poem "Sacred Emily" which is from the book "Geography and Plays" written by the Ame ( Full Answer )
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Who said a rose is a rose is a rose?

This quote is taken from the poem "Sacred Emily" which is from the book "Georaphy and Plays." It was written by the American writer Gertrude Stein and published in 1922.
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Where can you get roses?

If you want the best, there is a site called Rose Source. They deliver fresh flowers anywhere in the US. Their flowers come from the South American flower farm and to make sur ( Full Answer )
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Is a red rose a Florida rose?

They can be, they are the most colourfull of all rose types. A rose named Drop Dead Red is a good example along with Europeana
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How mony rose petals are on a rose?

The answers really vary. There are about 40 to 80 petals. The better roses have more. Check out the ones from Rose Source as you'll see the petals look fuller and healthier as ( Full Answer )
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Was rose rose from the Titanic real?

Titanic was all based on a true story, so yes, Rose Dewitt-Buchader was a real person. (might have misspelled the name)