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What is a rostrum?

A rostrum is a raised or elevated platform or pulpit usually for addressing an audiance As related to biology is a beaklike process or extension of some part. For example, the ( Full Answer )
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What is a rostrum camera?

A rostrum camera is a specially adapted used in and ( Full Answer )
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Why does a crayfish need a rostrum?

because they need it if they don't have it they will die it protects the heart and the eyes and the stomach.
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What is a whale rostrum?

The rostrum is the tail of the whale. the rostrum make that angle and balences it self The rostrum is the snout of the whale, the whales tail is it's flukes. .
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Why does nectivorous rostrum differ from insectivorous rostrum?

For several reasons, but a key one would be that a diet of insects require sharp, strong teeth for crunching exoskeletons, while nectar wouldn't really require any teeth. The ( Full Answer )
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Can you put rostrum in a sentence?

The president stood on the specially prepared rostrum and announced Peace . Hope It Helps ;)
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What is rostrum in pigs?

Rostrum in pigs refers to the facial structure of a pig, morespecifically their snout. This protruding area includes the mouthand nose.
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What is a blunt rostrum on a hamster?

The cartiliginous structure that gives a nose its shape. Hamsters have a blunter nose than, for example, a rat.