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Who made rota guns?

Luciano Rota guns were made in Brescia, Italy and imported by New England Arms of Kittery Point, Maine. There may have been other importers. Rota has been out of business for (MORE)

How long does it take a Navy ship to get from Rota Spain to Norfolk VA or how long does it take a navy ship to get from Spain to Virginia?

  The answer to this question depends on many factors. What type of ship are we talking about, is it by itself or operating with slower vessels. what kind of weather, how (MORE)

Can you replace battery in Rota Dent?

According to the operators manual: "Because the power handle is a sealed unit for protection from moisture, and for infection control and protection of the patient and our e (MORE)

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Where could one purchase Rota rims or wheels?

Rota rims or wheels can be purchased at a local automotive garage or automotive store. One could purchase Rota rims or wheels directly from Rota or from Amazon.
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